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Jan. 21st, 2011 10:33 pm
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Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter, #1)Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As many others I picked this up after seeing the show on TV. I was a bit shocked about Dexter at the beginning and questioning the wisdom of making a serial killer the likeable hero of a TV show. He grew on me and by season 2 I was hooked. It didn't hurt that I really like Michael C Hall and was a fan already from Six Feet Under.

I got the book to see how it compares, on the off chance that it might be even better. It's not, the show is hard to beat. But I still liked the book a lot and enjoyed reading it very much. You are even more in Dexter's head than you are in the show. And the sarcasm is great -- it hits you on almost every page and I was laughing out loud several times. It is not a gory as the show, but perhaps I am just missing the visual cues and others would feel differently.

Towards the end the inner monologue got a bit too much for me and I was wanting for a more action driven plot, which is why I gave the book one star less than possible. But I am pretty sure that I will read book two at some point, this was too much fun to stop.

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Jan. 16th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Claimed By Shadow (Cassandra Palmer, #2)Claimed By Shadow by Karen Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked it, although I lost my drive a little in the second half of the book. The first half had a lot of action and humour and I could not put it down. There were some quirky ideas that I really liked. I'm not sure why the second half of the book did not draw me in as much. It just didn't seem as suspenseful anymore, although there was still plenty of action. I was definitely struggling a little with the last 100 pages.

My favourite parts of the book are the ones were she shifts into the past. Playing with the timeline has always interested me.

Someone else commented that this was a sex-driven plot and while it is true that she does what she does to get rid of her magical attachment to someone else, there is not a lot of sex in this book and I have read others that were a lot more graphic.

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Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter, #1)Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay


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