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I am in the process of setting up a bookray for Claimed by Shadow. Let me know if you are interested and what your shipping preference is (national/international), and I will add you in the best possible spot on the shipping list...

The usual wishes and recommendations apply...
- register the book, once you get it, so we know it's safe
- try to keep the book no longer than 4 weeks
- if real life gets in the way and you want to keep it longer than that, let us know, we are all human!
- ask the next one on the list if they still want it, before sending it
- have fun!
- and for the last one on the shipping list: it's a bookray, so finders keepers! Do with it whatever you wish!

Shipping list so far, no particular order yet:

zosime, Wisconsin, USA
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I am in the process of setting up a bookray for Beat the Reaper by Josh Baznell. Let me know if you are interested and what your shipping preferences are (national/international), and I will add you in the best possible spot on the shipping list...
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Book NookLaurell K Hamilton, Skin Trade (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #17)

Anita ends up in Vegas -- slightly strange, as I just read a Kitty Norville novel set in Vegas, also including vampires and weretigers. Is Vegas the place to be at the moment or are my favourite authors borrowing ideas from each other?

Anyway, the action is good, the usual mayhem, sex and violence takes place. I enjoyed this a lot -- which is great, as the whole series felt a bit tired in the last few books. Either my tastes have changed or the books feel perkier again. I will definitely get the next book. A bit more of Jean-Claude would be nice, pretty please!

I think I will read a Kelley Armstrong Novel next. I haven't gotten far with that series at all. I read Bitten about 2 years ago and have had Stolen on my bookshelf since then as well. So, finally picking it up! Making a little lunch now and then will get started...
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From Dead to WorseFrom Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire #8) by Charlaine Harris.

Finished another Sookie Stackhouse novel. Number eight, I think... Not as good as the last one. It somehow felt like a go-between. It wrapped up some loose ends from the last novel and started some new storylines. Felt as if Charlaine Harris just used this to connect the dots. It was still entertaining, but felt a bit scattered.

I just pre-ordered the next one, Dead and Gone, via Amazon. Delivery in May 2010... Kitty's House of Horrors and Mercy Thompson #5 should be delivered in February 2010... Amazon Prime will be my downfall!
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Holiday ReadingKitty and the Dead Man's Hand (Kitty Norville #5) by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty ends up in Vegas -- not telling the reason, you have to read for yourself to find out. Vampires, wereanimals, the usual mayhem. Very entertaining. The JE is here.

Holiday ReadingKitty Raises Hell (Kitty Norville #6) by Carrie Vaughn

I was glad that I bought books #5 and #6 together. If I had finished #5 without having this one here lined up, I would not have been happy. The books can be read independently from each other -- there is always enough explaining done to clue in the uninitiated about the general goings-on, but the teaser at the end of the fifth book was just too tempting. So I picked this on here up within an hour of finishing the other one. Good fun.

I am not going to post a synopsis, it takes too much fun away and spoils the surprises. I have even stopped reading the back of the cover, just so I won't get tipped off too much. This is all I am going to say: Kitty is back from Vegas, but not in the clear -- trouble followed hot on her heals! JE is here.

This series is still going strong. Not much happening in terms of character development, but the action is still strong and the plotlines entertaining.

I am organising a bookray for this and the next book in the series. Let me know here or over on BC, if you want to take part (including telling me where you are willing to ship).
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Northern Lights 147/365Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #1) Review:
”Lyra's life is already sufficiently interesting for a novel before she eavesdrops on a presentation by her uncle Lord Asriel to his colleagues in the Jordan College faculty, Oxford. The college, famed for its leadership in experimental theology, is funding Lord Asriel's research into the heretical possibility of the existence of worlds unlike Lyra's own, where everyone is born with a familiar animal companion, magic of a kind works, the Tartars are threatening to overrun Muscovy, and the Pope is a puritanical Protestant. Set in an England familiar and strange, Philip Pullman's lively, taut story is a must-read and re-read for fantasy lovers of all ages.”

Reading extract can be found here.

This is the adult version of Northern Light, which is published as Golden Compass in the US. No idea what makes it Adult, I haven't read the original version.

I bought the book after I had seen the movie “The Golden Compass”. I liked the movie a lot. My interest had been piqued after I had heard that people in the US had complained about the controversial religious undertones of the movie. I had also read somewhere that it was unlikely that the other two books of the trilogy would be made into movies because of that. Which is a shame, I’m sure it would have been entertaining. I am assuming that the people that had complained are not book readers, otherwise Philip Pullman would be on lots of banned books lists in the US. Although maybe he is. That’s not exactly a difficult achievement.

Anyway, book… The movie is a very close adaptation. Two events that happen at the end of the book, have been moved further forward in the movie and the actual ending of the book is missing completely – I guess too much would have been left dangling.

I did not like the book more or less than the movie. It was a close draw. Lord Asriel in the movie was a more likeable character and the voice of Ian McKellen is hard to replace in writing.

Would I recommend the book to others? Yes.

Will I buy the second book of the trilogy? Maybe. It is on my wishlist. Despite this being the adult version of the book, it felt a bit too much like Young Adults for me to enjoy it completely.

The book is up for grabs, let me know here or on BC, if you want it. If more than one person is interested, I will turn it into a bookray. The JE is here


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